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My name is Axel Calvet. I am a professional photographer who has always been fascinated in the creative world of photography. Studying a university degree in Image (cinema, video, photography) in Barcelona launched my commitment to photography as a career.



Fashion photography fascinated me from my childhood, so I decided to improve my skills as an assistant to different photographers and later on I consolidated my experience in other photographic disciplines, such as advertising, art and portrait photography. In addition, I have been published in international fashion magazines, worked on catalogues,  shorts films, music videos clips, and commercials for TV as a photographer and assistant director of photography.

Originally I am from Barcelona, I lived in Dublin, Philippines, Indonesia, Canary Islands, Madrid and now reside permanently in Melbourne (Australia).


I am an international published photographer. I’ve been awarded winning as Best Emerging Talent in Fashion Photography ILFORD CCP Salon 2019 and a Honourable Mention One Shot -Isolation- International Photography Awards 2020.


"Life is a sum of instants that  
I try to capture from my personal frame."

Axel Calvet

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